Jelani Joseph

Jelani Joseph (Intern at Minimise USA) Tampa

Jelani Joseph just graduated from Hillsborough County Public Schools.  He is 18 and says he is interested in computer science and Informational technology.  He will be heading off to college in the fall.  

“Ever since I was young I loved computers,” said Joseph.  “My dad encouraged me to go further than that.  I also liked science a lot.”

So Minimise USA seems like a perfect fit. There’s plenty of science used every day at the Tampa facility just north of the airport. Minimise USA works with industries in education, government and the retail sector.  They save organizations plenty of money by showing how to reduce their energy costs.  

Jelani is one 578 youth from Hillsborough County who are taking part in CareerSource Tampa Bay’s Summer Job Connection.   We caught up with Jelani on his second week on the job.  He said the CSTB and the Summer Job Connection program has been great and helped him where he is today.

“They introduced me to Minimise,” Jelani said with a big smile.  It was great!  They taught me a lot of interviewing tips, a lot of important general things for landing a job and I believe that helped me get here.”

He was joined by 22 other interns working at Minimise learning the how to start a business and making sure they didn’t overspend.  Lessons we all could use in our day to day life.  Lessons Jelani and his fellow interns can take with them long after their Summer Job Connection is over.