Marcus Cauthorne

Marcus Cauthorne, Team Lead at Minimise

Minimise USA is one of 84 employers who participating in CareerSource Tampa Bay’s Summer Job Connection.   We caught up with Marcus Cauthorne, Team Lead at Minimise.   He was a mentor to a room full of interns. 

Cauthorne says he remembers talking about the need to hire interns for the summer when Minimise learned of the Summer Job Connection.  He says the timing was perfect.

“And don’t you know after having this conversation with HR about a month later,” said Cauthorne.  “Next we met several people from CareerSource and now we have about 22 youth here.” 

On the day we visited he was going over the 135 page portfolio with the interns.  He was impressed with some of the content in the booklet entitled, “Plug Into Your Future, Stream Your Career Path.” The portfolio is handed out to each of the 580 interns in the program.

The portfolio has everything such as how to apply for a job and how to do a proper handshake - even financial tips like what to do with your paycheck.

“I found that book very informative,” said Cauthorne. “Because there was things in there that I still follow, the way we make our own decisions inside the office is through these exact same steps….Do we need it or is it a want?  There are key parts of this portfolio they’ll remember for years.” 

Working the interns has been a rewarding experience says Marcus.  “They remind me a lot of me.”  

He designed a project for his interns to give them some real life experience and learn what it actually takes to start a business.  

“I had to come up with this project, where they started a business and had 3 years to get their return on investment,” said Marcus. “Each group could decide if they want to open up anything from a park, swim club, hotel, they had a maximum of $5 million.”

In the medium sized classroom, each intern had been paired up in small groups of about 5 interns each.   Their assignment was also to make sure they gave their company a decent return on investment. 

 “They were to hire people, pay for mechanics, pay for flattening the l and.  It took them about 3-4 days.  One group got their ROI in two months, 9 months and they did extremely well.”

Not a bad start to a six week internship.    “I think CareerSource was the exact program that we were looking for!”