Specialty Programs

​CareerSource Tampa Bay is your one-stop workforce services provider, offering a wide range of specialty programs within Hillsborough County.

Let CareerSource Tampa Bay help you grow your business.

CareerSource Tampa Bay provides (at no cost to your company):
• Assistance creating and posting job orders for your available positions
• Referrals of qualified workers to your location 
• Recruiting experienced workers
• Processing I-9s for all H-2B job referrals
• Forms 516 INS certification
• Electronic document retention 
• Referral of your workers to support services

Form I - service (at your work site) includes:
• Preparation 
• Certification 
• Re-verification
• Translation

It is the responsibility of all United States employers to verify the employment eligibility and identity of all employees hired to work in the U.S.

CareerSource Tampa Bay can help! 

For more information, contact the CareerSource Tampa Bay center in Plant City at: (813) 930-7880 or (813) 930-7881.

Effective January 1, 2016, SNAP E&T will be a mandatory program for all food assistance recipients who are Able Bodied Adults Without Dependants (ABAWD). ABAWDs are required to participate in work activities in order to maintain eligibility for food assistance.

To learn more about the program, join us for an Informational Session provided at a center near you. 



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NPCEP helps parents, who are court-ordered to pay child support, to obtain employment and guide them through the first 180 days on the job.

Connecting persons with disabilities to the information and resources they need to pursue their personal and professional ambitions. Click here for details.


Beginning January 1, 2016 the Re-employment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) program is being replaced by the Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) program. 

The RESEA program’s target population is Re-employment Assistance (RA) claimants who are most likely to exhaust their RA benefits before finding new employment, and all transitioning veterans receiving Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Service members. 

Customers are randomly selected and mailed a letter notifying them of their appointment date and time. 

If you need to change your appointment please call: 813-930-7400.

Promoting and maximizing the employment of Florida’s veterans, utilizing a complete menu of One Stop Career Center resources. Click here for addtional information.

WIOA is a “work first program" whose goal is to assist customers to enter or return to employment.

Other specialty programs within the State of Florida:

Click here to link to your DCF ACCESS account which requires userID and password to review your case or benefits. This agency is unique and separate from CareerSource Pinellas. CareerSource Pinellas does not have access to the systems necessary to assist you with Department of Children and Families claims. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Provides rapid response to coordinate services for employers and/or workers affected by temporary or permanent layoff. Information may be accessed by calling (727) 524-4344 and ask for REACT or by clicking Contact Us and completing an online inquiry. You may also read about REACT online at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity's website.


The Trade Program assists workers who have been laid off or whose jobs have been threatened because of foreign trade.

Workers covered under a certified Trade Act Petition may be eligible to receive an array of services and benefits including:

•    Training 
•    Re-employment services
•    Job search allowances
•    Relocation allowances
•    Trade readjustment allowances
•    Wage subsidy for older workers
•    Health coverage tax credit benefits

Trade Readjustment Allowances
Trade-affected workers covered under a certified Trade Act petition who have been totally or partially separated from their jobs because of increase imports or a shift in production may be eligible to receive Trade Readjustment Allowances. Trade Readjustment Allowances provide assistance to workers who are looking for work or who are enrolled in an approved training program. Trade Readjustment Allowances is an extension of regular Reemployment Assistance benefits payable at the same weekly benefit amount.

Trade Act Certifications
A petition must be filed with the US Department of Labor by or on behalf of a group of workers who have experienced a job loss as a result of foreign trade. After the US Department of Labor investigates the facts behind the petition, it determines whether statutory criteria are met. If the Department grants the petition to certify the worker group, individual workers may apply for TAA benefits and services through their State Workforce Agency.

For additional information please call: 1-866-352-2345

 Click here to learn more.

Employers may receive Fidelity Bonds free-of-charge as an incentive to hire hard-to-place job applicants. The bonds issued by the Federal Bonding Program help employers offset potential risks with the job honesty of at-risk job seekers (ex-offenders, persons in substance abuse recovery, economically disadvantaged individuals lacking work history, etc). For information please contact 727-524-4344 and ask for assistance with the Federal Bonding Program. For more information click here.>