Welfare Transition Program

Welfare Transition Program (WTP) Online Application
The application for the Welfare Transition Program is now available online!​

It is important that all application sections are completed in their entirety, as we are unable to accept partial/incomplete applications.

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WTP Training Assistance
Now is the time for you to go back to school and the WT Program can assist you with funding. If you are currently receiving cash assistance and meeting eligibility and suitability requirements for training, then: CareerSource Tampa Bay CAN OFFER UP TO $5,000 TOWARDS: Tuition, Books, Uniforms, and/or Tools.

  1. Choose a school from over 60 approved training vendors.
  2. Choose a career listed on our Targeted Occupations List:
    1. Regional TOL for Adults & Dislocated Workers OR 
    2. Regional TOL for Youth, Welfare Transition Program and Other Programs
  3. Contact the school to see if the program is right for you
  4. Apply for Pell Grant, if the school you choose accepts it: www.fafsa.ed.gov
  5. Provide the following documentation to your CareerSource Tampa Bay Career Counselor:
    • School Enrollment Agreement Paperwork (showing Acceptance into your chosen program)
    • The Title of the Program
    • Program Start and End Dates
    • Total Cost of Tuition
    • Pell Grant Eligibility and Application Results

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact your career counselor.

WTP Activity Forms