Youth Career Planning

Here you are, in your final years of school and everyone asks you, “What are you doing after high school?” Do you really know? It’s hard enough to stay dedicated in these last few years, much less, decide where you want to go from here. Check out these web sites to help you get started!

What do you like to do? Do you enjoy working outside? Want to pursue a career in healthcare? Or are you into math and science?

Not sure what you really like to do? Want to know what careers would be the perfect match for your personality or work style? Try the ASVAB program! This program is designed to help you learn more about yourself and help you identify which career might be right for you!

Want to see what jobs are in demand? Career Onestop can take you through various career fields that are in demand. Learn more about how to prepare for these jobs and talk to an advisor to make it a reality!

Most importantly, by spending some time looking at these sites, you might find something that interests you while at the same time impressing your parents with your preparation for your desired job!