Why is Job Quality Important?

In a rapidly changing and dynamic economy with impacting characteristics; globalization, advances in technology, and automation, Hillsborough employers are struggling to attract and retain skilled talent needed to maintain or grow their business.

By providing quality jobs with family sustaining wages, robust benefits, safe and inclusive work environments, predictable work scheduling, staff professional development, and internal growth for employees, employers can address their skills gaps, increase the number of skilled applicants to open positions and address employee retention rates.  Simultaneously, employers can improve their company’s diversity, equity and inclusion.

The information and resources included in Tampa Bay’s Good Jobs program will assist employers to learn how to assess and improve the quality of their company and their job opportunities and help promote job quality efforts in Tampa Bay.

Why should employers care about job quality? Good Job Quality helps employers attract and retain top talent and helps job seekers make their next job, their best job. 

Job quality largely determines if workers will dislike, tolerate, or love their jobs.

It will determine:

  • If they stay or leave.
  • How they perform and communicate on the job.
  • How they portray the company to friends, peers, and other potential canditates.
  • What candidates are looking for in a new company and position.



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