Are you an unemployed or underemployed individual looking to transition to or advance into a high-tech career?

Do you need assistance with the cost of training or help with an On-the-Job Training or worksite training with a local Hillsborough employer?  If so, the TechBoost program may be right for you.

TechBoost provides customized training plans for earn and learn opportunities in the Information Technology (IT) and IT-related industries.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the demand for these occupations is expected to increase by 13.7% by the year 2026, increasing to more than 5 million workers engaged in those occupations.  Increases are anticipated to be even higher demand in the Tampa Bay area due to growth within the Information Technology Sector.

CareerSource Tampa Bay will assist you as a TechBoost program participant to gain the training and experience needed to grow into or advance within an Information Technology (IT) or related career and ultimately maximize your employability and earnings potential.

TechBoost connects eligible individuals with the chance to:

  • Access Supportive Services
  • Assistance is provided with overcoming obstacles to training and employment such as transportation costs, tools and supplies required for training or employment.
  • Train for the Future
  • Gain industry-recognized certificates and credentials to help you transition into or advance in the IT industry.
  • Earn-While-you Learn
  • Get hired and gain on-the-job experience and training under the guidance of local employers with competitive wages that match industry standards.


Am I Eligible?

The CareerSource Tampa Bay team works with you on a one-on-one basis to assess your individual needs.

To qualify for TechBoost, you need to be at a minimum:

  • 17 years of age or older and not attending secondary school (high school)
  • U.S. citizen or legally authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Unemployed or underemployed


How Do I Get Started? 

Complete a TechBoost Online Pre-screen Survey

To start the enrollment process, you will need to fully complete the TechBoost pre-screen below. Once completed, you will be assigned to a TechBoost Career Coach who will contact you about your next steps within one to two business days. If you do not see an email in your inbox, please be sure to check your spam/junk folders. To begin the pre-screen, please click the button below:



Once the Survey is complete, what are my Next Steps?

Step 1:

Complete orientation and intake, including application, with a TechBoost Career Coach.  These can be completed in person or virtually by scheduling an appointment with a TechBoost Career Coach.

Be ready to provide the following documents when you meet with your TechBoost coach, who will determine if you are eligible for the program.

  • Copy of your driver’s license or other state/federal issued ID
  • Copy of your social security card
  • Copy of your current resume
  • Proof of Hillsborough residency
  • If male, provide proof of selective service registration
  • Proof of veteran’s status, if applicable (e.g. DD-214) and
  • Other documentation as may be needed for your application

Please have these documents readily available and your coach will guide you on how to submit. A TechBoost Career Coach will review your completed application and contact you with determination.

Step 2:

Complete your career planning or selection of training or OJT by reviewing the exhibits attached below for in-demand occupations and approved CareerSource Tampa Bay Training providers and programs.  If you need assistance, please talk with your TechBoost Career Coach who can provide assistance and career counseling.

As part of career planning, you will be asked to:

  • Complete a Wonderlic assessment,
  • Complete a simple interest assessment, My NEXT Move, and
  • Complete a career plan with your TechBoost Career Coach.

For more information on selecting a career path, and training programs and schools, click HERE.


If I need help, how can I request assistance?

At any time during the process, if you need assistance or do not have all the recommended documents listed above, please contact us or email us at the contact information below:

[email protected]



Note:  TechBoost is an H1B grant awarded through the Department of Labor and is a national program that provides comprehensive workforce strategies to prepare the workforce for middle-to high-skilled occupations within the information technology industry. By forging public-private partnerships, we bring together industry and employers, education and training providers, the workforce system, state and local government, and other entities that will work collaboratively to align resources in response to employer demand and offer education and job training solutions that generate positive outcomes and results.  A total of $387,000 annually funds TechBoost services under the Grant award, HG-35914-21-60-A-25, and primary grant recipient, Clark University.


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