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Learn How to Become a Training Provider

CareerSource Tampa Bay uses a list of approved providers to deliver various services to eligible Hillsborough County residents. At CareerSource Tampa Bay we can help match your skills with jobs that are currently in demand. If additional training is required, we can help with tuition and other assistance needed to further your goals.

For more information on how you can prepare for a career in one of our Targeted Occupations, visit one of our CareerSource Tampa Bay centers.

Registered Apprenticeships

Registered apprenticeship programs are automatically eligible for the ETPL. Please contact Melissa Carroll at (813) 397-2026 or [email protected] to discuss how to get your Registered Apprenticeship Program included on CareerSource Tampa Bay’s Eligible Training Provider List.

Training Provider Application (except for Registered Apprenticeship Programs)

CareerSource Tampa Bay invites all organizations or individuals interested in becoming an approved provider to submit an application.  In accordance with CareerSource Tampa Bay’s Eligible Training Provider Policy, occupational training providers are required to participate in a competitive procurement process to become an eligible training provider for CareerSource Tampa Bay.

Please refer to the “Eligible Training Provider Policy” for the list of criteria for initial inclusion on the local Eligible Training Provider List referred to as the ETPL.  Once you’ve reviewed the Eligible Training Provider Policy and criteria for initial inclusion, please click the link below to register and start the CSTB Training Provider Application process:

Training Provider Portal
Approved Training Vendors and Targeted Occupations Lists

CareerSource Tampa Bay will review the application, and all required supporting documentation. A site visit will be conducted as part of the application review process. All training providers and each course to be offered are subject to approval by the CareerSource Tampa Bay Board of Directors.

All applications will be competitively reviewed by CareerSource Tampa Bay staff with recommendations presented at regularly scheduled CSTB committee meetings. Applications receiving a favorable recommendation will go before the full Board of Directors for final approval. CareerSource Tampa Bay will notify approved training providers in writing of their approval or denial for inclusion on our local approved Eligible Training Provider List.

The institution’s approval as a qualified occupational skills training provider will not guarantee that participants will be referred by staff for training. Any and all referrals will be based upon the decision of staff after reviewing an assessment of the client’s aptitudes, abilities, geographic location, interests, costs, and other relevant information.

Questions or comments regarding the online application may be directed to Melissa Carroll, Fiscal Compliance Coordinator at (813) 397-2026 or [email protected].

Complaints Procedure

Customers may file complaints, at any time, about a CareerSource Tampa Bay education or training provider. We ask that all complaints be submitted in writing and, at a minimum, include the following information:

  1. The name of the provider, physical and mailing address, telephone number.
  2. The name of the educational program or service received from the provider.
  3. Contact information – phone number and mailing address – of the person filing the complaint.
  4. A detailed description of the problem or issue; the reason for the complaint.

Participants should mail or email their complaints to Doug Tobin, EEO Officer, CareerSource Tampa Bay, 4350 West Cypress Street Suite 875,  Tampa, FL 33607, [email protected]


Inclusion of information regarding any program of training services or any institution, organization or individual providing training services is in no way an endorsement by CareerSource Tampa Bay of that program, institution or individual. CareerSource Tampa Bay has included in this list information provided to it by training providers and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information.


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