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Iman Williamson
02/01/2024 ACE Front End Web Development Graduate

Iman Williamson: Overcoming Obstacles to Triumph in Web Development Iman Williamson's journey to success is a testament to her resilience and determination. Before enrolling in the ACE program, she faced unemployment and battled anxiety and depression, making it challenging to secure full-time employment. In response to her challenges, Iman sought psychotherapy to address her medical conditions. Iman's enrollment in the ACE Front End Web Development program in January 2023 marked the beginning of her transformation. Throughout her journey, she maintained open communication with her Career Coach, Monika Krol, establishing a bond of trust that allowed for in-depth discussions about her career options. Iman's Paid Work Experience with Katpro Technologies, Inc. was a shining success during the ACE program. Her employer quickly provided a glowing recommendation letter, praising her commitment, attendance, coachability, and work ethic. Iman's resume was updated to reflect the skills acquired during her program and her valuable experiences in the workforce. With the resume enhancements and interview preparation provided by the CareerSource Tampa Bay ACE team, Iman Williamson secured a position with USAA as an Auto Non-Injury Claim Adjuster on September 11, 2023, with an hourly rate of $23.46 and full benefits. Her journey at USAA is filled with promise, and her success is eagerly awaited. These success stories exemplify how the ACE Program empowers young adults in Hillsborough County to overcome challenges, gain valuable skills, and embark on promising careers, contributing to the local workforce and community.

Yeider Fang Tac
02/01/2024 ACE Cybersecurity Graduate

Yeider Fang Tac: The Resilient Graduate Who Drove His Success Yeider Fang Tac's journey through the ACE Cybersecurity program is an inspiring story of determination and resilience. Without financial challenges and a car, Yeider sought CSTB's assistance to complete his Paid Work Experience with LexDock, LLC. He made up for what he lacked in transportation with punctuality, diligence, and a relentless pursuit of feedback from LexDock and CSTB staff. Upon completing his Paid Work Experience, Yeider seized an opportunity for a Program Specialist position at CSTB. His exceptional interviewing skills wowed the Program Coordinators, leading to his integration into the CSTB team on April 19. Yeider is already making remarkable contributions to the organization, and his journey of professional growth is eagerly anticipated.

Shyheim Morales
02/01/2024 ACE Green Construction Participant

Shyheim Morales: A Beacon of Transformation in ACE Green Construction Shyheim Morales' journey with the ACE Green Construction program is a testament to the power of second chances. Having faced adversity, including periods of incarceration, Shyheim struggled to find stability in his life and provide for his family. It was a chance encounter with the ACE Green Construction initiative, through his father's connection with a CSTB partner, that would change his life. Upon visiting the Tampa Vocational Institute, Shyheim met the inspiring David Jones, Director of Workforce Solutions. Despite initial reservations about enrolling in the program, Shyheim's doubts were assuaged when he met Andres Baez, ACE Lead Career Coach. With unwavering support from David and encouragement from his newfound mentors, Shyheim decided to take the plunge. At the program's outset, he was concerned about balancing work and school, a challenge he had faced in high school. However, Shyheim surpassed all expectations, attending classes at the Tampa Vocational Institute and working at Mielke Mechanical with unwavering dedication. His remarkable leadership qualities quickly became evident, earning him the admiration of both his instructor and David. He willingly assumed the role of a student leader, motivating his peers. On June 13, 2023, Shyheim stood tall as the keynote speaker at the ACE Graduation ceremony, an occasion that filled his father and son with immense pride, shared by the CSTB. After graduation, Shyheim Morales secured a position as a Warehouse Laborer at Mielke Holdings, with a wage of $16.00 per hour.


Meet Christian, a former soldier who served in Kuwait. After completing his service, Christian and his wife Jasmine moved to Tampa, Florida, hoping for new opportunities and a brighter future. The couple believed that the move would be a positive change, especially since it would allow Jasmine to pursue a promising job opportunity. However, upon their arrival in Tampa, they were met with an unforeseen challenge. The grant funding for the job Jasmine had been counting on fell through, leaving her without the position she had anticipated. The sudden turn of events cast a shadow of uncertainty over their aspirations. The couple desperately began looking for relief opportunities and resources, especially given that they have four children, one of whom has special needs. Christian decided to take matters into his own hands and opted to pursue a career in trucking. Christian came to Career Source for guidance and was referred to the Get There Faster Program (GTF). His career coach assisted him in enrolling at Tampa Trucking and provided resume and job search assistance. The GTF career coach even encouraged Jasmine to utilize program funds. Jasmine later enrolled in a PMP certification course with the University of South Florida. After successfully earning his CDL, Christian, with the assistance of his coach secured a position as a truck driver with Covenant Trucking making $37/hour. The long hours on the road are sometimes demanding, but Christian has embraced the challenges with resilience and dedication.

Jaeda Chavis

Our latest Penn Foster graduate is Jaeda Chavis. Shhh, it’s been a secret. She joined us early in 2021 and hasn’t told anyone she was working on this, so it’s been slow going sneaking out to Starbucks to use their wifi to do her lessons. She’s thrilled that she finally finished now and is super excited about her next steps. She’s enrolling at HCC for an Associates and then transferring to USF for a degree in Psychology.

Richard Kindell

Our latest Penn Foster graduate is Richard Kindell. What can I say about Richard? Not too much, as we just met a little over a month ago, but I can tell you he’s ambitious, focused and motivated! He came in with a plan and by gosh he’s on track to make it happen. He said he was going to make getting his diploma his full time job for a month, and finish in time to start vocational training in the spring to be an electrician.

Uriel Mazo

Uriel enrolled with Kathy one year ago almost to the day. He’s been very slow but very steady ever since (my correspondence has looked like Sep: “only 5 lessons to go!” Oct: “only 4 lessons to go!”; Nov: “Only two lessons to go!” but surprise, surprise, he did it today! Next steps for him, he’d like to follow in his father’s footsteps and get certified in HVAC and get a part time job while he’s in school.

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