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Donteah Harris

"Mrs. Norma, I appreciate all your help and advice. Appreciate your honesty and it was nice to be your co-worker for a short time you kept it real. Thank you."

Imani Davis
ACCE Program

Imani Davis saw online that Career source was advertising a new program that would allow the client to get training in the cyber security field. After the program, Imani Davis wanted more training to sharpen her skills and started doing research on different opportunities that would allow her to grow and develop the skills acquired from the ACE Cyber Security program. Imani Davis found this opportunity and applied.

Emily Metzger
Job Search & Resume Writing Assistance

CSTB assisted Ms. Metzger with a childcare referral to School Readiness so that she could return to work immediately. CSTB also assisted customer with job searches and resume writing skills.

Amaya Chaviano
Education/ESOL Referral

Amaya came to Florida only being able to speak Spanish. She is not currently a citizen of the U.S. and is unable to work as a result. While in the SNAP E&T Program, the SNAP team has been able to help her enroll her in ESOL classes at no cost to her. This has allowed her to stay in compliance with the SNAP Program while learning English. Amaya is attending all of her ESOL classes and is learning more English each day.

Daniel Perez
Tech boost Grant

Mr. Daniel Perez was a long-term unemployed customer, 36 weeks. Although he has an AA in Arts, he was unable to obtain permanent employment. As he stated, during this difficult period he utilized his time to build his "self-worth" to obtain better opportunities. He was enrolled in the IT Security Program with Computer Coach, through the TechBoost Special Grants program. Mr. Perez has always had a motivation to excel; Techboost has been a great contributor in building his self-esteem and providing the necessary tools to succeed. Mr. Perez is extremely grateful and appreciative to CSTB and the Techboost program.

Laura Abreu
ACE – Training and PWE

Insight scope of how business works and taught me how to hustle and work very hard. I learned how to “work harder now and relax in the future.” It was a very positive experience.

Jose Barreto
OST for Cyber Security Certs

Jose lost a job and was hesitant to go back to work due to a back injury. In his down time, he discovered that he had a strong interest in the IT field and even took some free online courses. Once Jose received my call while I was doing outreach, he had never heard of us but was pleased to hear about the program! As you can see his eagerness toward the program carried right into a successful outcome and the Get There Faster grant is exactly what he needed.

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