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Zaria Bailey

This success story is about Zaria Bailey. She attended her RESEA appointment virtually on April 4, 2022, meeting with RESEA Recruiter, Eva Lundi. Ms. Bailey had been searching for work for 2 months before receiving RESEA services. Prior to working with RESEA, Ms. Bailey was proactively working with CSTB and had attended an Employability Skills Training workshop, Professional Communication.

William Rynknoski

Mr. William (Bill) Rynknoski came into the Brandon center through the RESEA program in August of 2021. He held a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and was looking for a position as a Project Manager.

Anthony Juliano

This success story is about Mr. Anthony Juliano. Mr. Juliano is a Veteran who served in the Army, having an honorable discharge. He attended his RESEA appointment at the Tampa Center on 5.31.22, meeting with RESEA Recruiter, Eva Lundi. Mr. Juliano had been searching for work for about 3 weeks before receiving RESEA services.

Careatha Burton

It gives me immense pleasure and delight to write this character reference for Mr. Ted Davis, in my opinion the "Best DVOP” in Hillsborough County! He is an exemplary advocate and mentor for the veterans and spouses of vets seeking competitive employment, educational training, affordable housing, and community resources. I was at very low and tough time in my life several months ago in providing quality of care for my severely ill parents back in Maryland; and Mr. Davis continued to encourage and uplift my spirits through his numerous emails /jobs leads and consistent follow-up calls just to see how I was doing personally as well as with my professional job searches. I salute and applaud his compassion, dedication, and commitment to meeting the needs of veterans seeking gainful work. He goes beyond the call of duty, and I just wanted to utilize this platform of communication to show my deepest appreciation for his overwhelming support, vocational expertise, high level of professionalism/integrity and foremost his genuine kindness during such a tumultuous time of my life. He also has the unique ability of “bringing out the best in everyone around him! Mr. Davis reinvigorated my hope as I mentioned before to continue to apply for jobs of interest despite my deep grief in the passing of my Dad back in May; and as result I was able to obtain competitive employment working in the capacity of an “Employment Placement Strategist” for a Federal grant within the Bureau of Prisons. I have nothing but good news and things to say about Mr. Ted Davis and I strongly hope fellow veterans, spouses of vets and staff recognize his true talents, skills and highly driven ambitions in working with esteemed Veterans! Careatha M. Burton

Bryan Gardner
DVOP Services for SBE’s

I am blessed to find a Veteran like Mr. Ted Davis that provided services and truly cared about me throughout this entire process. Mr. Davis constant follow-up at times when I needed it the most meant the world to me. I had no confidence or self-worth until Mr. Davis, and I worked together and now I have a job that I love and I will be changing my life. All I can say if there is such a thing as angels Mr. Davis is one of them. Mr. Davis a Marine Veteran picked me up and assisted in changing my live and I will never forget him. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much

Lisa Zeoli

This success story is about Lisa Zeoli. She attended her RESEA appointment Virtually on 06/07/2022 meeting with RESEA Recruiter, Massiel Luna. Lisa had been searching for work for about five months before receiving RESEA services. Lisa lost her Global Payroll Manager position working in Invest Cloud, back in January 2022 and was looking for a new position in the Human Resources field. Lisa has a Bachelors’ degree in Business Management, also a Society of Human Resource Management Certification (SHRM – CP). Lisa has over 15+ years’ experience in the HR field. Lisa says she has experienced some barriers with age, thus finding it difficult to find a new position. After meeting with Ms. Luna RESEA Recruiter, Lisa was referred to additional Employability Skills Training workshops, CareerEDGE and ONet. She expressed interest in taking more Human Resource Training that is called Certified Payroll Professional Certification. She was advised to apply for the WIOA Program to help with Tuition assistance. She was also referred to the CareerSource Tampa Bay website for helpful tools, programs, and information about upcoming job fairs within CSTB. Lisa was also provided with labor market information and advised regarding the use of EmployFlorida for resume creation and job searching. On 07/25/2022, Lisa was offered a position with Enforce Consulting. Lisa is now working full time as an Implementation Consultant, earning a wage of $50.00 per hour. Lisa is gaining valuable experience working in a field that she enjoys, while earning a salary that gives her the ability to be self-sufficient and continue to work in the Human Resources field that compliments her experience and knowledge.

Ezekiel Daniels
Bonding Program

Ezekiel Daniels reported to CSTB Brandon as a walk-in seeking employment and having questions about the Federal Bonding Program. With help from Al Chisolm, Mr. Daniels was able to learn more about the Bonding Program and complete the online process. On March 23rd, he was employed at Waste Management and later offered a higher position as team lead on June 15th.

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