You Hire. You Train. We Pay.

Get reimbursed up to 50% of the costs to train new employees. CareerSource Tampa Bay’s On-the-Job Training program helps businesses save money while training promising new hires!

Training program benefits include:

• 50% of wages paid over a training period
• Employer makes all the hiring decisions
• Recruitment & job posting services
• Assistance with candidate pre-screening
• CareerSource Tampa Bay staff assist with completing paperwork
• All resources and services are NO COST!

It’s easy…your business just needs to:

• Agree to provide on the job training for a full time salary or hourly position in one of the positions listed on the 2022-2023 Region 15 Targeted Occupations List (Excel)
• Intend to retain the trainee, if the trainee is meeting the minimum performance standards required for the position
• Complete the agreement and position information prior to hiring the individual
• Provide pay, time records, and participant updates to receive reimbursement

That’s it! The OJT Program will pay up to 50% of the individual’s hourly salary for a standard OJT period, to be determined by the coordinator based on salary and standard time for OJT for the position.

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