Welfare Transition Program


WTP Training Assistance

Now is the time for you to go back to school and the WT Program can assist you with funding. If you are currently receiving cash assistance and meeting eligibility and suitability requirements for training, then: CareerSource Tampa Bay CAN OFFER UP TO $5,000 TOWARDS: Tuition, Books, Uniforms, and/or Tools. FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact your career counselor.

The daily maximum of hours earned through Metrix Learning is 8 hours per day. Any activity over the 8 hours daily maximum will not count towards monthly hours and will not carry over into subsequent days.

To access Metrix Learning  click on the button below.


The application for the Welfare Transition Program can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Access Florida

If you have any questions regarding the Welfare Transition Program application or eligibility, please contact Department Of Children and Families at 1(866) 762-2237.

WTP Activity Forms

WTP Community Service/Work Experience Timesheet
WTP Reporting Public Assistance Fraud 
WTP Opportunities and Obligations Acknowledgement Form
WTP Employment Verification (EV) Form
•  WTP Education Time Sheet


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