Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

​At this time, WIOA program funding availability is as follows:

  • WIOA Adult is available. Please see additional note below.
  • WIOA Licensure funding is available.
  • WIOA Dislocated Worker funding is available.
  • WIOA Out-of-School Youth funding is available.
  • WIOA In-School Youth funding is no longer available.

Due to current program year funding obligation, we have very limited funding available for WIOA low-income Adults. As a result, we are only accepting new applications for low-income adult customers in need of training from now through June 30th. We do not have the ability to fund training outside of this cutoff date. We urge you to periodically check our website for any updates in regards to additional funding availability. Please keep in mind that WIOA is a first-come, first served program, and as a result, we do not maintain a wait list. Programmatic funding updates will be posted regularly to our website at Posted 04/04/17

WIOA Daily Information Sessions
Click here to view a schedule of information sessions being held at all centers located throughout Hillsborough County. 

WIOA Appointments
Current WIOA Adult, Dislocated Worker, Licensure, and Youth program participants must have an appointment to be seen by their WIOA Program Career Counselor.

For more information on the WIOA Youth program, click here.

WIOA Program Eligibility
Services under this program are eligibility-based. Therefore, all interested persons must meet and be able to document preliminary eligibility criteria to be a potential candidate.

Eligible candidates must also be a Hillsborough County resident, must be 18 years or older, and must meet U.S. Citizen or permanent resident requirements.

  • To see additional information regarding the WIOA program, click here.

WIOA Adult Activity Forms 
Employment Verification (EV) Form - Tampa Center
Employment Verification (EV) Form - Brandon Center
Employment Verification (EV) Form - Plant City Center
Employment Verification (EV) Form - Ruskin Center
Monthly Contact Form

To begin the WIOA Program application, please click here.

Regional TOL, TOL, and Approved Training Vendors

  • 2016 - 2017 Priority Training (RTOL) - Regional TOL for Adults and Dislocated Workers 
    After July 1, 2016, WIOA low income adults and dislocated workers should utilize the new Regional Targeted Occupation List (RTOL) when selecting a WIOA training program. This Regional Targeted Occupation List (RTOL) was developed after extensive and exhaustive research into our local, regional and statewide Labor/Job Market. In addition, our Board of Directors, consisting of local business experts, reviewed and approved this RTOL.  Any interested WIOA applicant should click on the link above to review and explore the training programs listed prior to selecting a training program in a growth and demand occupation during the completion of their On-Line application.
  • 2016 - 2017 Local Targeted Occupations List (RTOL) - Regional TOL for Youth, Welfare Transition Program, and Other Programs 
    For other funding such Trade Impacted (TAA), Welfare Transition (WTP), WIOA Youth, and Adult licensure candidates may review the Regional Targeted Occupations List (RTOL) above for Hillsborough County.  However, we do encourage all customers to select from the RTOL or Priority Training list above as these training programs are primarily focused on those occupational areas that are in highest demand in this area.
  • Approved Training Vendors - Click here to view a list of the 2016-2017 Approved Training Vendors.

Questions and comments regarding these lists may be directed to: