Empowering Hillsborough County’s Justice-Involved Individuals

CareerSource Tampa Bay (CSTB) is proud to announce a transformative partnership with Abe Brown Ministries, Inc. to implement the CARE program. This initiative aims to provide comprehensive support and resources for Hillsborough County citizens returning from incarceration, helping them reintegrate into society and secure meaningful employment.

Breaking the Cycle, Building Brighter Futures

Every year, countless individuals return to Hillsborough County after serving time. Unfortunately, they often face significant challenges re-entering the community, including:

  • Limited job opportunities due to employment discrimination and lack of relevant skills.
  • Housing instability making it difficult to establish secure living arrangements.
  • Social stigma and isolation creating emotional and social barriers.

The CARE program recognizes these obstacles and addresses them head-on by providing:

  • Workforce training to develop marketable skills and obtain in-demand certifications.
  • Job placement assistance connecting participants with employers seeking qualified workers.
  • Supportive services including transportation passes, meals, and clothing to support basic needs.
  • Personal development resources to build confidence, communication skills, and life management tools.

Leveraging Expertise, Expanding Opportunities

CSTB is committed to empowering ex-offenders through impactful programs and partnerships. By teaming up with Abe Brown Ministries, the CARE program leverages their well-established InspHire program, a comprehensive re-entry initiative with a proven track record of success.

Through this collaboration, the CARE program offers participants a wide range of valuable services, including:

  • Hart Bus Pass for reliable transportation to program activities and job interviews.
  • Supportive services addressing critical needs like housing, healthcare, and legal assistance.
  • Nutritious meals to ensure participants stay energized and focused.
  • Employability skills training covering resume writing, interviewing techniques, and workplace expectations.
  • Vocational training opportunities in high-demand fields like construction, healthcare, and IT.
  • GED preparation and testing assistance removing educational barriers to career advancement.
  • Family reunification support facilitating healthy reconnection with loved ones.
  • Employment placement assistance connecting participants with suitable job openings.
  • Referrals to wrap-around programs offering additional support in areas like mental health and childcare.
  • Professional clothing provided for job interviews and professional settings.
  • Clothing and employment equipment ensuring participants are prepared for success in their new roles.

Taking the First Step Towards a Brighter Future

The CARE program offers Hillsborough County’s justice-involved individuals a chance to rewrite their narratives and forge brighter futures. By equipping them with the necessary skills, resources, and support, we can break the cycle of recidivism and empower them to become thriving members of our community.

If you or someone you know is returning to Hillsborough County after incarceration, please visit the CareerSource Tampa Bay website or contact Abe Brown Ministries to learn more about the CARE program and how to get involved.

Complete the program pre-screen application below:

Together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive community where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Additional Resources:

If further assistance is needed, please contact Cynthia Diaz, the Special Grants Program Coordinator, at (813)-930-7158.


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