CSTB and CSP Merger (Staff) FAQ

(FAQ UPDATED 3/20/2024)  (New information will be added in RED on this page)

Read a joint letter from Pinellas and Hillsborough Assistant County Administrators to Pinellas and Hillsborough County Team Members.

Click on this LINK to read the letter. 

Where can I find the information regarding the consolidation of the Pinellas and Hillsborough County Workforce Boards?

The latest information about the merger can be found at the following link:

Consolidation – CareerSource Tampa Bay

CareerSource Florida has also provided information about the consolidations resulting from the REACH Act and can be found by clicking on this link:  This link includes the Plan Overview, Roles and Responsibilities, REACH Act and SB 240 Overview, and FAQ.

Where can I see the FAQ regarding the consolidation from CareerSource Florida and from the state of Florida perspective?   Click here:  CareerSource Florida REACH Act

Who can I email if I have additional questions about this merger? 

Questions regarding the Hillsborough/Pinellas County merger can also be emailed to [email protected].   We will update the FAQ as new information becomes available.  Look at the updated date for the latest version.

What is the recent history of the Hillsborough and Pinellas County Workforce Boards?

Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance, Inc. dba CareerSource Tampa Bay and WorkNet Pinellas, dba CareerSource Pinellas are and have always been separate legal entities. From July 1, 2011, to August 31, 2018, the organizations operated under a shared services arrangement, whereby, certain leadership and other roles were shared between the two organizations. During this time, CareerSource Pinellas was the employer of record. This agreement terminated on September 1, 2018, partially due to an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Why are the two Workforce Boards merging?

The merger came as a result of the Reimagining Education and Career Help (REACH) Act signed into law in June 2021.

When will the two counties merge into one workforce board?

The anticipated effective date is July 1, 2024, however the new Board for the consortium could meet before this date to approve a new CEO.

What is the name going to be for the new entity?

Currently, both Workforce Boards are using their active DBAs

-Hillsborough: CareerSource Tampa Bay

-Pinellas: CareerSource Pinellas

The new name will be CareerSource Hillsborough-Pinellas.

What is the Hillsborough/Pinellas Workforce Development Consortium?

The Hillsborough/Pinellas Workforce Development Consortium is the delegation of Chief Local Elected Officials (in this case, county commissioners) appointed by each county in the newly consolidated workforce development board to make policies and appoint board members to lead the new consolidated CareerSource entity.

Who are the Lead Local Officials of the Hillsborough/Pinellas Workforce Development Consortium?

The Board of County Commissioners for Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties separately elected two Commissioners from each county to be on the Consortium. They are as follows:

-Hillsborough County Commissioner Gwen Myers (Chair)

-Hillsborough County Commissioner Joshua Wostal

-Pinellas County Commissioner Rene Flowers (Vice Chair)

-Pinellas County Commissioner Chris Latvala

During the December 12, 2023, Consortium meeting, it was decided that Hillsborough County Commissioner Gwen Myers will serve as the Chair, and Pinellas County Commissioner Rene Flowers will serve as the Vice Chair. The Chair and Vice-Chair will serve for one-year terms and must alternate between the county of representation every one-year term.

Where can I find the Agenda and Minutes for the Consortium and related committees?
The meetings are listed as:

-Hillsborough/Pinellas Workforce Development Consortium

-Hillsborough/Pinellas Workforce Development Advisory Committee

The Agenda and Minutes can be found here.

What is the Consolidation Working Group and who is on the group?

The Consolidation Working group made up of representatives from both counties and their respective workforce boards was created to facilitate discussion items related to the consolidation. Members of this group are as follows:

Pinellas County:

-Kevin Knutson, Assistant County Administrator

-Corey McCaster, Economic Development

-Cody Ward, Pinellas County Attorney’s Office

-Stephanie Marchman, GrayRobinson Attorneys

Hillsborough County:

-Ron Barton, Assistant County Administrator

-Ken Jones, Economic Development

-Jonathan Wolf, Economic Development

-Mary Helen Farris, Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office

-Katherine Benson, Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office

CareerSource Pinellas:

-Steve Meier, CEO

CareerSource Tampa Bay:

-Michelle Zieziula, SVP (Senior Vice President), COO and co-CEO

-Sheila Doyle, SVP (Senior Vice President) CFO, and co-CEO

Who is the current CEO of CareerSource Pinellas?

-Steve Meier, CEO

Who is the current CEO of CareerSource Tampa Bay (Hillsborough County)?

Two CareerSource Tampa Bay staff members are filling the CEO duties:

-Michelle Zieziula, SVP & COO

-Sheila Doyle, SVP & CFO,

-Former CEO John Flanagan resigned effective December 1, 2023. See press release.

Where can I find the Agenda and Minutes for the Consortium and Advisory Committee?

The meeting packets and minutes for these meetings are available with other board documents for CareerSource Tampa Bay and CareerSource Pinellas in chronological order at this LINK:

How will the Consortium decide on the next CEO for the new entity?

On December 5, 2023, the Consortium approved an Advisory Committee; the Chair and Treasurer of each County’s Local Workforce Development Board will also serve as a resource to the Consortium. These Officers will provide recommendations and guidance to the Consortium, primarily in the Director/CEO recruitment process, structuring Bylaws for the new Regional LWDB (Local Workforce Development Board) and assisting Consortium staff in preparing a recommendation for appointments to the new Regional LWDB’s Board of Directors.

Newland Associates has been appointed to lead the CEO search for the soon-to-be merged Hillsborough/Pinellas CareerSource entities. The Newland Associates Team was introduced, and decisions were made regarding the CEO search and interview process at the February 19, 2024 Advisory Committee meeting.

Consortium Advisory Committee:

As approved by the Consortium at their December 5, 2023, meeting, the Advisory Committee was created and tasked with being a resource to the Consortium by providing guidance and recommendations along several key areas. One area specifically being the recommendation for appointments to the new regional Local Workforce Development Board (LWDB).

Consortium Advisory Committee Members:

-CareerSource Tampa Bay, Chair: Sean Butler, President, Titan Technologies

-CareerSource Tampa Bay, Treasurer: Gary Hartfield, President/CEO, Serenity Village

-CareerSource Pinellas, Chair: Scott Thomas, Regional HR (Human Resources) Manager, ProMedica Senior Care-

-CareerSource Pinellas, Treasurer: Barclay Harless, SVP Market Executive, Valley Bank

This Advisory Committee met for the first time on December 12, 2023. They elected Scott Thomas as the Chairperson of the Committee.

CEO Search

The Advisory Committee is working on the following timeline for in the CEO search. See Tasks, Time Frame and Dates below:

-Created the position ID, sourcing strategy, salary and final timeline, 2 weeks, February 19-26th

-Posted position, sourcing and recruiting of candidates, 3 weeks, February 26-March 18th

-Assessment & in-depth interviews by search firm, 3 weeks, March 18th – April 8th

-Present panel of candidates to Advisory Committee, 1 week, April 8th – April 15th

-Candidate interviews with Selection Committee, 2 weeks, April 15th – April 29th-

-Assist in background & reference checks, 2 weeks, April 29th – May 6th

-Approval of Finalists, assist with offers and negotiation, 2 weeks, May 6th – May 13th

-Sending Conditional Job offers and Rejection letters, 1 week, May 13 – May 20th

Vendor Questions

Will my contract change for vendors with either CareerSource Pinellas or CareerSource Tampa Bay (Hillsborough)?
  • The contracts will be carefully reviewed to understand the terms and conditions, including the rights and obligations of both parties, to include but not limited to, payment terms and termination clauses.
  • After reviewing the contracts, the consolidated entity will communicate with vendors to inform them of the consolidation and potential changes to existing terms and/or conditions.
  • If possible, contracts may be consolidated if it simplifies the vendor management process, reduces costs, and enhances efficiency.
  • Contracts may be renewed if they align with the consolidated entity’s strategic objectives.
  • Contracts will be reviewed for transferability of goods and/or services to the consolidated entity.
  • Contracting opportunities will be announced through email notification to prospective bidders or by following website this link.

Vendors who have an interest in potential contract opportunities should email [email protected] the following information:

  • Company Name and DBA, if applicable
  • Company address, City, State, Zip and Country
  • Company website
  • Federal Employer Tax ID
  • Contract person name, title, email address and phone number
  • Proposed service or good

Media Questions

Where can news organizations obtain information regarding the merger? 

Reporters with questions regarding the merger can contact the following:

Hillsborough County (Doug Tobin, VP Marketing/PR, [email protected] or 813.397.2054)

Pinellas County (Steven Meier, CEO,  [email protected])



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