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Employ Young Talent Today, Build the Workforce for Tomorrow!

Through Paid Work Experience, CareerSource Tampa Bay helps businesses with employment needs, while young talent is provided the hands-on training they need to succeed. The Paid Work Experience program is designed to connect young adults to employers, with a focus on skill development for in-demand occupations. Employers will have the opportunity to employ motivated, young talent, provide guidance on workplace skills and professional development and help build a pipeline for future talent!



• 100% of wages paid over a training period.
• Ability to mentor young talent as they enter the workforce.
• Possibility to provide young talent a trial period before permanent employment.

Employers can make all the hiring decisions or allow CareerSource Tampa Bay’s talented staff to provide guidance on placements. Receive pre-screened candidates to choose from and gain the benefits of the fresh perspective that young talent has to offer!


• Must have physical location in Hillsborough County
• Entry-level or mid-level position and high-demand occupation
• Additional requirements apply


Our team of workforce representatives will work with you throughout the process and ensure your hiring needs are being met. Contact our representatives today!

For more information, contact:
Employer: [email protected] or 813-930-7827
Youth: 813-396-2501 or e-mail [email protected]


To start your registration, please click here to advance to the Youth Prescreen.


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