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Career Clarity Pod

CSTB’s Career Clarity Pod provides customers with specific knowledge of career path options 

The Career Clarity Pod is in a focused area of the resource room located in the Tampa Center at 9215 North Florida Avenue, Tampa.   The Career Clarity Pod allows individuals to explore different careers, identify a career path, connects them to training, and network with employers.

“The Career Clarity Pod is especially a wonderful area for people just wanting to explore a new career,”  says CEO John Flanagan.  “We also are focusing the area on industries that we need to fill in Hillsborough County.  The Virtual Reality tool gives people a personal touch to exploring a potential career.”

The following tools and resources are available to customers:

  • Virtual reality career exploration tool
  • Career Pathways Portal (which can also be found at this link: )
  • Industry insight videos into different careers
  • Skills assessments and review
  • Tools to review industry-specific employment opportunities in Hillsborough County
  • Career connection sessions led by industry experts

This new section of our resource room connects customers with knowledge about different career paths and the top industries in Hillsborough County:

  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Information Technology & Call Centers
  • Logistics & Manufacturing
  • Trades & Transportation
  • Education, Finance, and Professional Programs
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Retail

The virtual reality (VR) tool provides career seekers with hands-on simulations showcasing different career paths, allowing them to understand their career options through an interactive experience. Career industries available to explore with the VR tool include manufacturing, warehousing & storage, skilled trades, public safety, hospitality & tourism, diesel technology, aviation maintenance, electrical construction, healthcare, and automotive.

“Virtual reality makes a great tool for the exploration of in-demand careers in a safe, very realistic environment,” said Paul Casebolt, the One Stop Operator. “A Veteran who was a welder completed the virtual reality module for welding, and he said it was very realistic.”

The Career Clarity Pod is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday – Friday.  Individuals or groups who would like to schedule a time to explore a career in the Career Clarity Pod can contact Paul Casebolt at [email protected].


Clarity Pod walkthrough 

Clarity Pod b-roll


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